Top 5 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Trends

The majority of people draw their full attention to the design of the bedroom, children's bedroom, halls, living room, dining room, and kitchen, and neglect the bathroom, which is also very important as it is the only place where we get complete individual privacy. 

Where they specify it in a small area or rather narrow, and in this case we recommend choosing small tools in terms of space, such as a small toilet, a small basin, and a small bathtub as well, and in order not to fall into these mistakes, we will remind you of the best designs and ideas that you can use to choose your ideal bathroom.

We will now present to you the 5 best ideas and designs for your bathroom

Specialists assure that small bathrooms cause great inconvenience to their owners. Due to the small space, it is not possible to relieve the need comfortably. The bathrooms were originally called the rest house and therefore should be a comfortable place and not a source of inconvenience, so it is recommended that the bathroom area not be less than 4 square meters. The wash-basin size should not be less than 70 cm. If it is less than this size, it will be uncomfortable. The upper shelves of the bathroom should not be more than 175 cm. As for the holder of papers and towels, hands should reach them when sitting on the toilet.

Choosing the bathroom sink

Choosing the bathroom sink is suitable for the bathroom and is consistent with its design. It should be small so as not to take up space, especially if the bathroom is small. In ceramic designs, it is recommended to be installed on the sides only, but the ceiling is sufficient to design a simple gypsum board decoration.

Choosing a bathtub installed

Choosing a fixed bathtub is better than a non-installed bathtub, to be surrounded by marble decor and harmonious with the wall and floor. The white color studded with black is the best color for the wall marble. The opposite for the floor. The black color studded with white is the best color for the floor marble.

Choose a square bathroom area

Choosing a square bathroom space to put the bathroom and sink together on one side and leave the two opposite walls blank to gain space. To design this decor, we use the rectangular shape in the furniture: Rectangular vertical shelves and a rectangular horizontal mirror.

Ventilate the bathroom to let in the light

The latest trends in bathroom design today are airy bathrooms. It is necessary to open windows for ventilation in the bathroom, preferably large ones, to renew the air and allow natural light to enter your bathroom, and eliminate germs and microscopic microbes that are in the bathroom.

Choosing an uninstalled bathtub

Some people prefer that their bathroom bathtub be uninstalled because it is the only element that occupies a large area. When it is not installed, it can be moved only a corner in the bathroom for us to have space to move and when the bathtub is needed to shower, we move it again to the middle of the bathroom and when finished we return it again to the corner of the bathroom.
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