50 Best Bedroom Decorating Colors & Designs

 A group of researches was conducted to confirm that colors have a great effect on the nervous system, and since a bedroom is a room for psychological and physical comfort, we must feel comfortable inside it, so we must be careful in choosing The right color for it because of its great psychological impact. 

In this article, we will learn how the colors of your bedroom affect your mood, the best colors that are recommended to be used for the bedroom, and the colors that are not recommended.

How do bedroom colors affect my mood?

In China and India, they treat sleep disorders through color therapy, and this clearly indicates the psychological effect of colors on the human psyche. Choosing the right color for your room will improve the quality of your sleep Thus, you will feel very comfortable in your room. Bedroom color choices differ due to age, gender, personality, and tendencies. The color of the bedroom reflects your personality, so be careful in your choice and take the time for this matter.

The best colors that interior designers recommend for the home in the bedroom

bedroom in blue

Light blue is a color that gives a sense of calm, like the color of the sea and the sky. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from stress and insomnia.

But the whole room should not be a light blue color. When dying, everyone agrees to dye the ceiling white, so it is the best color for the ceiling. So you can choose to paint the wall in a light blue color or buy bedding and shelves in this light blue color.

2 Green Bedroom

Green is the color of nature, it gives a sense of comfort, relaxation, and warmth and is considered the best color for a bedroom.

If you are going to choose the bedroom in green, this indicates your love for nature. Therefore, we advise you to design it in an upscale traditional style by dyeing all the walls green, as well as buying furniture, shelves, and most accessories in this color and adding some shrubs, roses, and flowers until you get a one hundred percent natural bedroom.
If you want a green bedroom with a modern design, we recommend dyeing the ceiling beige. With the dyeing of the walls in green if you want it simple, or you choose a wall decor that is green trees or plants, either by dyeing techniques or by drawing on the walls.

3 purple bedroom

Light purple gives this color a sense of comfort and tranquility to the bedroom

The purple color for the whole bedroom is suitable for girls' bedrooms only As for couples, some furniture should be only in this color, such as bedding.

4 beige bedroom

The beige color in all its shades is the best color for the bedroom. This color is a comfortable color that gives a sense of comfort and calm, as it gives a very beautiful appearance in the bedroom.

The beige color in the bedroom should be in harmony with the furniture, from several sides:

First, the furniture should be simple in uniform light colors, and the bedding is better to be in the color of the bedroom. Secondly, for the floor, the best type is the light wooden floor, as it responds to the beige bedroom. As for the other furniture for the bedroom, such as the sitting furniture, the pillow, and the woman’s shelf, they should be in slightly different colors because they will not affect the main color of the bedroom. 

As for the lighting for the bedroom in beige, it should be medium, and its color should be either light yellow, light orange, or white lighting.

5 white bedroom

White is the best color suitable for the bedroom in this list, and it is recommended from the first class due to its many advantages in space, lighting, natural lighting, and the consistency of the bedroom.

Best Modern Simple White Bedroom Design Where the walls are white except for the wall opposite the bed, it is preferable to have a secondary color of your choice, whatever it is. As for the furniture, such as bedding, chairs, and shelves, all of them should be white. Except for some accessories, they should be in different colors like bed linen, pillows, moving lamps, and plastic panels that hang on the wall. As for the lighting, it is preferable that the lighting be plain white.

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Some undesirable colors in bedrooms
Red, this color feels restless, it is not suitable for bedrooms.
The orange color indicates activity and vitality, and this is not suitable for a quiet and comfortable bedroom.
As for the black color, it is used for rooms with a large area to cover the remaining space in the room. It is a color that gives a feeling of sadness. Not recommended in bedrooms.
In this article, we explained to you the effect of colors on our mental health and the importance of choosing a suitable color for your room. You should be careful to choose the color that suits you and makes you feel happy in your bedroom, as it is a source of comfort for you psychologically and physically.
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