Top 5 genius designs and ideas for wooden kitchens

 A kitchen is the basis of every home, especially for women, who spend most of their time in it, as it is an outlet for them, so they should be careful to choose the design of their kitchen. In this article, we will highlight the wooden kitchen that has become popular now. We will address the following points:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a wooden kitchen.
  • The most beautiful modern wood kitchen colors.

Advantages of a wooden kitchen

A wooden kitchen is a right choice for every woman. It is recommended by most interior designers because of its many advantages and resistance to mold and insects. The wooden kitchen gives an elegant and natural look along with several advantages, namely: The strength and durability of the wooden kitchen, the ease of cleaning, as well as the woman can change her decor easily and without hassle, The wooden kitchen is also characterized by not retaining heat, which leads to constantly moistening the kitchen Although the wooden kitchen has many advantages and gives a natural and attractive appearance, it also has some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of wooden kitchen

A wooden kitchen absorbs moisture and water, which damages them quickly and causes insects and bacteria to collect inside the kitchen due to the humidity of the wood. And the most annoying thing is that women find it very difficult to clean them. Wooden stoves are not like other kitchens, so you must follow specific steps to remove dirt, for example, use vinegar and a cloth or soda with a little water and then wipe the dirty places well.

The most beautiful modern wood kitchen colors

Most women think that the wooden kitchen is limited only to the color dark brown, but there are light and attractive colors for the wooden kitchen, including bold ones as well, such as green, yellow and blue. Light blue and red are among the colors in line with this year's fashion for the wooden kitchen, as it adds a special elegance and a sense of comfort and calm.

Top 5 genius designs and ideas for wooden kitchens

Kitchen with a wooden floor

Kitchen with wooden floor This type is exactly called thermoplastic melamine board (HPL), it is a strong material that has the characteristics of resistance to shocks, scratches, and stains. These panels can be easily shaped around the curved edges. Due to their strength and durability, these high-pressure plates are the perfect choice for all horizontal and vertical applications and are available in modern colors, patterns, and designs to suit all tastes.

kitchen table marble paper

kitchen table marble paper It gives a realistic marble effect that makes you feel luxurious and refreshing. An original marble look refreshes your kitchen furniture on a budget. Marble paper can also help you to upgrade your creativity to create new designs for your furniture. It can be completely removed without leaving any residue It is water and oil-resistant.

Light wooden kitchen with black cabinet

The design of a light wood kitchen with a black cabinet is one of the best exciting designs, as it creates a luxurious look as a result of the consistency of light wood color With black kitchen cabinets. In addition, the soft wood carvings attract the eye and give the feeling of a warm and soft touch to the dark kitchen.

Dark wooden kitchen with white cabinet and table

Dark wooden kitchen with white cabinet and table It is the opposite of the previous design and an alternative for those who do not want black in the kitchen It is distinguished by its simple and unique form. The wall and the lower cabinets look harmoniously in the dark wood color with the white table and the white upper cabinets. As for the central side lighting, it is the reason for the harmony of colors, adding a special touch to the design to make it very distinct.

The latest modern and elegant models of wooden kitchen

The kitchen with the appearance of wood is the latest modern and elegant model This is because the majority turns to the derivatives of nature in design, especially in kitchens with large areas. In this design, the kitchen is placed in a view overlooking the garden, which makes you think that you are in nature We conclude from this appearance and the light-colored wooden cabinets that this design is suitable for kitchens and cannot be replaced by another design. You will want to spend more time in the kitchen It is indispensable for new style kitchens.
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