Some tips for choosing the right type and shape of dining table for you

The dining table is everyone's favorite place in the house, and there is no other piece that plays the role of this place. Where we use it for work and of course for daily meals, so it is a space for all activities.

 In this topic, we will help you choose a distinctive dining table that matches your personality, with the surrounding decorations, and the appropriate colors to make it elegant and modern and the surrounding spaces. Without searching for stores and magazines, where you will find various designs, it will be difficult for you to choose and determine suitable for your home

To choose a unique and wonderful dining table in terms of size, and design, you must pay attention to several factors, the most important of which are:

  • The symmetry between the space of the room and the number of pieces and furniture to be selected.
  • The space of the room where the dining table will be located.
  • The decor harmonizes with the room furniture and the surroundings.
Some tips for choosing the right dining table for you
Choosing the shape of the table suitable for the room, some want it rectangular, and some prefer it circular, but the rule is that the shape of the table is consistent with the shape of the room If the dining room is large, you can choose a rectangular or square table If the room is small, the dining table should be circular because .it does not take up much space

The area of ​​the dining table should be consistent with its location. If it is in a large and spacious place, the table should be also large, and if it is in a narrow or small place, the table should be small, but not less than a square meter.

Be careful in choosing dining table chairs by choosing very comfortable chairs with a backrest for eating comfortably, and that the number of chairs exceeds the number .of family members

The facade on which the dining room will overlook is also important, preferably a beautiful natural facade. Like a garden, a swimming pool, or trees, flowers, and roses

The dining table should be made of wood because wood does not contain chemicals or substances harmful to health. Wooden tables are the best dining tables, so you should choose a luxurious type to last for a long time 

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