Couples Bedroom Design Basics 15 Tips to Consider When Designing

The couple’s bedroom is considered one of the sacred rooms in a house because of its importance for the spouses, as it is a space where the spouses are separated from the outside world. A space for the spouses to dialogue and communicate between them and solve all problems in their relationship. It is also an area for relaxation and comfort, and an area for each one of them to express their love and longing for the other.

The couple’s bedroom is the basis of every home, as it is an area to break the routine. They have fun and play like two children without restrictions, so the couple’s bedroom is very important in their married life, as it is a room for psychological and physical comfort, so they should be careful to design it in a wonderful way that satisfies their taste. In this article, we will give you the most important things that each spouse should know before designing a bedroom for them.

What are the basics of designing a couple's bedroom?

1 Simplicity in the design of a couple's bedroom

Simplicity is the foundation of every bedroom. Especially the bedroom of couples, so that romance and elegance prevail between them, making them feel more comfortable in the room. The abundance of decorations and colors, it gives a sense of crowding and tension.

2 The best colors for the design of a couple's bedroom

The colors of the couple's bedroom have a great impact on each person, as the colors reflect the personality of the person. Each color, it gives a certain feeling, and for a couple, choosing their bedroom is an important detail in the design of their bedroom.

The colors must be romantic and warm, both of which feel comfortable and relaxed. The colors should be harmonious, harmonious, and calm, as it is a prerequisite in all bedrooms to be comforting and calm by choosing light colors. The dimension of dark colors gives a feeling of insomnia and tension and among the best colors of the couple’s bedroom we mention the following colors:

The couple's room is in light caramel, this color is warm and comfortable.

Couples' bedrooms are in the color of berries, it is a color that feels happy and romantic, and each couple feels kindness and tenderness.

A bedroom for couples with royal violet color, it is a color that also gives a sense of romance and calm.

bedroom for couples in green is the best color that the eyes prefer, as it feels happy, calm, and relaxed. It is a wonderful and elegant color, especially blue-green.

bedroom for couples in yellow color Yellow is among the warmest colors, it is a color that feels happy and optimistic.

The color of the couple’s bedroom is of great importance, as both spouses seek to choose a romantic and attractive color so that they both feel comfortable and relaxed.

Choosing a loft bed for a couple's bedroom

A suitable bed must be chosen. When planning the design of the bedroom for the spouses, they should be careful to choose a bed of medium height and not be too low so that the spouses do not feel that they are on the surface of the floor, which gives a feeling of discomfort. 

The appropriate space for the design of a couple's bedroom

The smaller the area of ​​​​the couple's bedroom, the more comfortable the spouses will feel, and they will feel that they are very close to each other psychologically and physically. A large bedroom is not recommended for married couples because it gives a feeling of coldness.

Couples' bedroom curtains colors

When choosing the color of the curtains for the couple’s bedroom, one should stay away from dark and embellished colors because they give an uncomfortable feeling and distract attention. The couple must choose quiet curtains with simple embroidery.

Choosing bed linen for a couple's bedroom

Most couples think that they need a lot of money to design an elegant and romantic bedroom. First, it is related to simplicity and design, and the bed covers add an important touch to the decor of the couple’s bedroom. The good selection of the quality and color of the bed cover also makes the room distinct. Among the best types of fabrics for bed covers, we mention the following types, such as satin, silk, lace, organza, tulle, velvet, and finally linen, this last one is considered among the best type of fabric, as it is free of chemicals and very soft

Soundproof windows designed for couples' bedroom

The design of soundproof windows is a very basic matter that each of the spouses should think about before designing a bedroom for them. The bedroom means comfort, calm, isolation from the outside world and noise that comes from the street, such as the sound of cars and laboratories, and all external activities that make annoying sounds. These sounds cause insomnia and tension. And sleep disturbance, which makes a couple feel tense in their bedroom, so every couple’s bedroom must use soundproof windows, and we mention to you the most important soundproofing materials including vinyl boards, PVC windows, all-metal windows, polystyrene boards, gypsum boards and wood, glass wool boards, perlite.

Couples bedroom lighting

Lighting is an important element in the couple’s bedroom. There are two types of natural lighting and industrial lighting. It is recommended during the day to be satisfied with natural light from the window and at night the use of dim and exciting lighting such as the use of a table lamp that gives romantic colors in a couple’s bedroom.

Add a sofa beside the bed in the couple's bedroom.

Adding a sofa next to the bed if the area of ​​​​the bedroom allows you to add a sofa to sit and talk is a good idea. Also, the sofa gives luxury to the couple’s bedroom and adds a sophisticated touch to their room, and don’t forget that the color of the sofa is consistent with the color and decor of the bedroom.

10 Couples bedroom furniture quantity

The accumulation of furniture and crowding causes chaos in the bedroom of the couple This feels uncomfortable, so it is necessary to get rid of all the furniture that the spouses do not use to feel comfortable in their bedroom.

11 The science of feng shui and the design of a couple's bedroom

The science of feng shui and the design of the couple’s bedroom. The Chinese wisdom that advises avoiding accumulating things must be applied, as stacking them gives negative energy in your room. Everything must be placed in its place and in an orderly manner for the passage of positive energy in the bedroom of the spouses.

12 Electronic devices in the couple's bedroom

Electronic devices in the couple's bedroom The bedroom of a married couple is a room for calm and psychological and physical comfort for them. The presence of electronic devices such as computers, television, or radio causes anxiety and tension.

13 Choosing a wooden bed for a couple's bedroom

The wooden bed is the right choice for the bedroom of the couple, it is comfortable and has smooth edges, unlike the metal bed. Wood gives warmth to couples.

14 Bedroom decoration with candles and roses

Decorate the bedroom with candles and roses to add romantic and attractive decorations to your bedroom. It does not require a lot of money, the more simple it is, the more beautiful it is. Using candles to decorate the couple’s bedroom gives a feeling of love and romance, especially red scented candles. The simplest things give a sense of psychological peace.

Also, placing rose leaves on a bed, whether placed randomly or in the shape of a heart, gives an attractive romantic appearance. 
All couples aspire to design an elegant and romantic bedroom, and the important element is that it is comfortable for them. In the end, it is a room for psychological and physical comfort for them away from the outside world. In this article, we have provided you with the most important tips that every couple should be keen on before designing a bedroom for them.
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