Best ideas and Tips for choosing kitchen walls

Types of kitchen walls

1 Types of kitchen walls:

When choosing kitchen walls, it is necessary to choose walls that meet specific criteria that adhere to the kitchen style, such as their tolerance of moisture, choosing more stable and durable walls, that the walls fit changes in the atmosphere such as temperature changes, and the ability to clean the walls with ease.

In this article, we will review the best ideas and Tips for choosing kitchen walls and different types of kitchen walls and what distinguishes each class separately, and we will learn about the most important tips for choosing kitchen walls.


Ceramic wall kitchen

Ceramic is one of the most popular types of tiles used in homes, due to the multiple features that made it the best choice among other types of walls. Ceramics is distinguished by its elegant and wonderful appearance, which increases the kitchen with an exceptional and elegant touch. Ceramic is also easy to clean, and because the kitchen is known for its style, it is more likely to get dirty quickly compared to the rest of the rooms in the house, for this reason, ceramic is suitable for the style of the kitchen.

Ceramics is also characterized by the fact that it gives a wonderful shine to the kitchen, as it is easy to clean and can be cleaned with water only, but it needs detergents and complex tools to clean, so ceramics are a great choice for the kitchen walls.


wood wall kitchen

Wood is among the nice and wonderful choices in home designs in general, especially the kitchen, as it gives a calm and warm touch to the kitchen. Wood has many types and shapes, and if you choose to use wood in the kitchen wall, you must choose hardwood instead of softwood.

Wood needs special care, as it is affected by moisture a lot, and the severity of water and steam as well, and it needs regular maintenance to maintain its color and wonderful appearance.


vinyl wall kitchen

Vinyl consists of a chemical substance from ethylene derived from natural gas, and this is what made it characterized by its hardness and its tolerance to a range of external influences from sunlight. The advantage is that the vinyl is easy to clean.
When you choose vinyl as a wall for your kitchen, you will have a long list to choose the look that vinyl will have in your kitchen, it's a great choice for a kitchen wall.

natural stones

The walls made of natural stones are considered among the walls suitable for the style of the kitchen due to the high temperature, humidity, and water intensity. It also gives a wonderful appearance to the kitchen. They are suitable for all climatic conditions, but walls made of natural stones are expensive and require special care and periodic maintenance, as they are difficult To install, and when cleaning it needs special cleaning agents.


Wallpaper is one of the types of walls that have been known since ancient times and still competes with the rest of the other types of walls. They give a simple and elegant look to the kitchen, and you have a long list to choose from the views or pictures that you want for your kitchen walls.

stainless steel

This type of wall is considered the latest in the use of kitchen walls. It has several advantages. It is resistant to rust, water, heat, and fumes. It is also known to be easy to clean. Stainless steel is covered with a stainless paper called stainless, and this material is what makes it easy to clean.
These types of walls are known for their modern and elegant touch, as they are suitable for modern kitchen design.

plastic or acrylic

Plastic coated with an acrylic layer is among the ideal solutions for kitchen walls because of its advantages that are in line with the style of the kitchen. Plastic has a great ability to resist water and does not interact with it or be affected by it,
This type of wall is characterized by its many colors and types, as there are all colors to suit all tastes, plastic, and acrylic is characterized by ease of cleaning and quick drying, as it contains anti-mold materials.

glass walls

These walls are used specifically to protect the kitchen walls from stains and dirt so the kitchen walls are covered with sturdy glass sheets to protect the walls from food stains, there are many colors for the glass walls, they are very distinct and give a great look to the kitchen.

2 Tips for choosing kitchen walls:

 wallpapers of fabric

Choosing wallpaper from fabric or textiles is considered a wrong choice, especially in the design of kitchen walls, which are known to be very damp and susceptible to stains a lot. Cloth wallpaper helps to accumulate dirt on it. The type of walls is very affected by moisture and absorbs unpleasant odors, so it is not recommended to choose kitchen walls from fabric or textiles.

Choose the colors for the kitchen walls

When choosing the kitchen walls, you must choose colors that match the rest of the elements in the kitchen. The colors of the kitchen walls must match the rest of the colors of the elements in the kitchen, such as the colors of the curtains, the colors of the cabinets, and the work surfaces, to get a consistent and elegant appearance.

Specific criteria for choosing kitchen walls

When choosing kitchen walls, they must have specific criteria in line with the style of the kitchen. The walls must be water-resistant, moisture-resistant, easy to clean, not affected by high temperatures, and not absorb odors and fats.

material factor

When choosing kitchen walls, walls should be chosen according to cost, as there are many types of kitchen walls that are low in cost, but in line with the style of the kitchen, so a pre-study should be prepared to choose suitable kitchen walls in terms of type and cost as well, and kitchen walls that do not need periodic maintenance should be chosen.

The kitchen walls are the first thing that attracts the attention of everyone who enters the kitchen. We also gave you tips for choosing suitable kitchen walls.

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